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If you’re a Mozilla Firefox user, you’ll be glad to hear that they offer free and complete browser themes. All the Firefox themes that we’re going to describe in this review are compatible with the latest version of the web browser. If you enjoy darker colors whether for your browser or on YouTube, Mozilla Firefox offers a wide array of themes. Here are a select few:

LavaFox V2

This is one of the “dark and hot” free Firefox themes, with black and red colors. It will offer you a unified style, a progress-bar, throbbers, animated scrollbars, a custom toolbar with glowing icons, unique customization options, black drop-down menus, compatibility with a bunch of popular extensions, an original tab design including clear highlights, support for right to left browsers as well, and much more. LavaFox V2 gets updated regularly and is fully supported.

firefox themes lavafox v2

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NASA Night Launch

This theme is named after the night launch of the STS-116. If you enjoy dark colors or browsing at night, this one’s for you. The orange ‘Firefox’ button in the top-left drop-down menu stays visible. It comes with a dark toolbar that is installed by default and also with a few NASA toolbar images. NASA Night Launch is compatible with the most popular Firefox extensions. The desktop looks fine on its own, but also with other dark desktop themes, like Silent Night or Royale Noir. Some cons are that the vertical toolbar can become transparent, it’s bigger than most themes, it doesn’t fully support Firefox in right-to-left mode and neither fully supports OS X Retina High-DPI displays.

firefox themes nasa night launch

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FT DeepDark

This theme won Best Firefox Theme in 2012. It’s a dark look but designed for Windows 7 and people who have to stare at a screen for long periods of time. The new tabs, menus, and context are black. But the tabs and URL field gives off a neon contrast. Most themes run slower than FT DeepDark and its animations are of a high quality. To customize the theme, go to the website of userstyles. There you can pick “aero style” for your tab bar background, a darker URL background, translucent scrollbars, and more.

A con about this theme is that it is not officially available for MAC, and also its icons getting crowded in the toolbar. It doesn’t officially support Aurora/Firefox Developer Edition, Cyberfox, Waterfox, Nightly, etc. The theme is a full Firefox GUI aesthetic customization, with no added functionalities.

ft deep dark firefox themes

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Dark Theme for YouTube

This theme was designed for those who wish to browse on YouTube at night. The whole theme, including the background, looks black. Once you’ve installed the Dark Theme it will automatically set itself for all the YouTube pages. The Add-on has two themes:

  • Theme A: the default theme, uses standard CSS techniques and works smoothly;
  • Theme B: uses CSS filters, makes videos play more slowly.

It has an Ultra LITE add-on for Firefox, it supports Flash YouTube players and HTML5 and to turn the Dark Theme on or off you can use an in-page switch button.

dark theme for youtube firefox themes

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BlackFox V2

The design of this theme is beautiful, compact and was thought out. It looks compact, is very easy on the eyes and fully skinned. BlackFox V2 is another dark theme, but combined with deep red. It offers support for right to left browsers, a progress-bar, throbbers, animated scrollbars, an original tab design with clear highlights and custom toolbar icons with a glowing effect. This is one of many Mozilla Firefox themes that is compatible with several popular extensions and the theme also has amazing customization options.

black fox v2 firefox themes

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