9 Best Baby Shower Themes

9 Best Baby Shower Themes
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A baby shower is an event that a mother-to-be will remember for the rest of her life. To help make this celebration extra special, here are 9 original shower themes that will make this festive occasion unforgettable for everybody who was invited. Not like other technical articles we publish, i.e powerpoint templates list, this list is all about having a good time!

An outdoor British tea party9 Best Baby Shower Themes

to add a bit of style and British flair to your baby shower, you can invite guests in your backyard or at a nice park on a sunny day.  Make sure to add some lace, flowers and ribbons to your decorations. Your color scheme should be fresh and light, for example beige and off-white with light pink. Tea parties are great baby shower themes for girls.

Bun in the oven Baby Shower Theme

this one is for mothers who love baking or even do it as their profession. For this theme it’s important to use the right props. You could organize the shower in a spacious kitchen, where an actual bun will be waiting in the oven. Or it could be done in a livingroom with a toy kitchen. Decorate the toy kitchen with props (fake or real kitchenware). Adapt your color scheme to the kitchen or toy kitchen. Prepare chef hats for all the guests and perhaps even a cake, cookies or brownies.

Book-themed shower

this theme is for the moms-to-be who love reading in their free time. Decorate the space with letters written to her (or the baby), real and fake books and little hearts or stars with a quote written on them. You can hang these on strings and place them on tables. The color scheme can be a light and deep orange mixed with light and deep pink or silver and gold. If you want to play a fun game, prepare a book-themed quiz.

Movie-themed showermovie Baby Shower Theme

this shower theme is a perfect fit for movie-lovers. Make sure you’re in a room where you can project the movie that friends and family have made just for the mom-to-be. Provide the type of snacks and drinks that they sell at the movie theater. Buy popcorn bags and add “ready to pop” tags to them, these can be used as cute goodie bags for the guests. Try to find movie related props to decorate the room with.

Modern shower

if the mom in question isn’t impressed by the old-school or usual baby shower themes, this one’s for her. Male friends and family members can come enjoy this shower too. Put on some background music, make some sandwiches and tea or coffee and don’t make decorations tacky or too colorful. It’ll feel like a cosy and fuss-free get-together. This idea fits into the categories of baby shower themes for boys as well as girl baby shower themes.

Cowboy-themed shower

if the mom-to-be likes watching the TV show ‘Nashville’ or enjoys listening to country music, she’ll definitely love this theme! We would categorize this theme in the boy baby shower themes. If you can host the shower in a barn or on a farm, it’ll be a plus. Make sure there’s some hay, lots of rope to decorate with, cowboy hats, cowboy boots, and of course lots of country music. The color schemes can be beige and turquoise or dark brown and blue. This shower idea is perhaps better suited if the mom is expecting a boy.

Spa shower

this theme is for the future mom who deserves to get pampered. You can go to a spa with the girls or have some professionals come over to your home. The goodie bags could include a mini shower gel, shampoo and bath salts. Provide healthy snacks and drinks, and have relaxing music playing in the background. This idea fits into baby shower themes for girls.

Welcome to the world: this is one of the best baby shower themes for anyone who loves to travel or wishes to do so in the future. To decorate for this baby shower, you’ll need globes, vintage or modern maps, suitcases, etc. A beautiful gift idea would be a guest book with a world map cover and inside of it quotes about exploration or by famous explorers. This theme is appropriate whether the mom is expecting a boy or a girl.

Animal-themed shower

is this mom-to-be an animal lover? Look no further, this theme is just for her. You can decorate the location with paper mâché animals, stuffed animals, pictures of animals and animal-themed children’s books (like ‘Goodnight Moon’ by Margaret Wise Brown). There can be a juice/cocktail bar and a DIY area to learn how to make paper mâché animals .

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